About Me

Hello! My name is Troy James Palanca.

I’m a data nerd that wants to bring the beauty of structured, quantified, and critical thought to everyone. I spend my days attempting to solve mobility for people in Asia Pacific. You’ll find my thoughts, work, and personal interests here.

If you’re interested in connecting professionally, you can view my profile on LinkedIn.

About the Blog

This blog is a digitized quest to take data and numbers, extract meaningful insight, and apply them to relevant issues in business, politics, and society mainly in the international and Philippine scene. It is quite simply a data blog.

If you want to get a gist of why I write, take a look at this talk by Hans Rosling:

If you’re also a data nerd interested in changing the way this country works, drop me a line! If you are otherwise interested in data, visualization, and R, feel free to reach out as well. I’m also open to provide talks and workshops on data storytelling, analytics consulting jobs, and guest post invitations.

About the Site

This site is built using Hugo via Blogdown and hosted using Netlify. The theme is a modified version of the Cocoa Enhanced Hugo theme, published under the MIT License.

This is a personal weblog. All opinions expressed here are my own and not those of my employer. Content on this site is subject to policies.