We have a new look!

You may have noticed a few changes around the site:

  1. Back to minimal. After analyzing the key features of the previous site that were most frequently used, I’ve decided to scale back on all the unused and annoying doodads on the old site and return to the blog’s minimalistic roots.
  2. From Blogger to Jekyll. I’ve transferred the backend from clunky-old blogger to fast fast Jekyll. Jekyll is a static site generator that allows me to publish a site as static HTML files. Without the need for a content management system, the site loads much faster.
  3. Markdown. I now write all posts in Markdown. Given that most of my posts are now geared towards data analysis and coding, I figured it might be easier to unify the workflows for analysis and presentation. Plus, Blogger’s editor left much to be desired.
  4. New Domain. I’m now making this blog a personal site. Hopefully, we can eventually phase out jumbodumbothoughts.com and say hello to the new and improved tjpalanca.com! Saying that blog name out loud has just become way too embarrassing.

What else is going to change?

Well, nothing much else, really. This blog will still be about shedding light on issues using data. I am shifting my focus away from short blog posts to interactive projects that encourage exploration, though, but that’s something I’m not sure of yet.

In the meantime, we hope you like the new, improved, and faster blog. Happy reading!

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