On Breaking Down Your Facebook Data with WolframAlpha

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COUNT YOUR SINGLE FRIENDS - WolframAlpha, dubbed the world’s first and only computational knowledge engine, constructed an online tool that allows you to take data from everyone’s favorite social network and view in in new and interesting ways.

World’s first and only computational engine

It’s hard to describe WolframAlpha, but I think the most succinct description would be the nerd’s favorite search engine. Type in any remotely nerdy thing, and you can look up anything from a Mars bar’s nutrition facts to the derivative of a function. </div><div> </div><div>Now, they’re at it again with a free tool for you to analyze your Facebook data, and it’s quite interesting what you can learn about you and your online friends. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Here's the distribution of the number of friends that my friends have, which looks to be chi-square/ F-/ lognormally distributed. I'm about average with around 1,000 friends, but some outliers pushing it up to 5,000 or more.
This one's about the relationship statuses of my friends. There seem to be more single men than women in my circles.
My friends are quite the globetrotters!
My posting activity in the past year. Summer is virtually devoid of posts, which is good, I think.
Unsurprisingly, Wednesday and Sunday, as well as 6pm to midnight, are my peak Facebook times.
These are the most common words in my status updates, which are most about my student organization, the people I'm groupmates with, and my other interests.
Finally, this one is my friend cloud, based on how they are connected. I have 3 main groups of friends. The larges it probably the DLSU crowd, the other one being my hometown, and a few stragglers are the people I've met in case competitions.

There you go! Facebook analytics from WolframAlpha. If you’d like to try it out, just give them a visit. You’ll need a WolframAlpha account, but I’m sure it’s worth the fun! Thanks for reading! If you found this post interesting or enjoyable, I’d appreciate it if you liked, shared, tweeted, or +1’ed it, or commented below.

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