On the Excuses People Make

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The eloquent who say they can talk their way out of everything.
The quiet who say content is the only requirement for good communication.

The nerds who don't need "mindless" partying or "frivolous" socializing.
The cool kids who don't need to hit the books because "it won't be useful in real life, anyway.

The old who say experience is always more important than new learning.
The young who say history is history and the world is changing.

The rich who say they worked to become rich and the poor are lazy.
The poor who think that society owes them everything.

The workaholics who will start living life after that "one last promotion".
The indolent who choose to "live in the moment".

The religious who say nothing matters in this earthly life.
The unbelieving who are quick to say nothing comes after.

The pessimistic who say the grapes are sour, and the thorns are too sharp.
The optimistic who think the thorns won't affect them.

The conservatives who don't want change because this is the best that society can be.
The liberals who think everything needs to change.

The bitter who stop believing in true love.
The honeymooners who think of nothing but.

The heartbroken who say (s)he was only into looks or money.
The winner in love who starts thinking he has nothing more to prove.

Rationalization is dangerous. After all,

He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else. - Benjamin Franklin

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